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Chairs and equipment for blood collection

FEDE -4 REFRIGERATORS - The line refrigerators Presvac FEDE-4 are designed for storage of blood bags, reagents and biological products. Built under strict quality control and complying with international regulations in force.


The basic technical characteristics are as follows:

  • Inner cabinet in stainless steel.
  • Tempered glass door LOW-E..
  • Display Control Panel with constant temperature.
  • Temperature pre-calibrated at 4 ° C - programmable.
  • Temperature sensor placed in liquid medium, compensating cylinder, simulating the temperature of the blood.
  • Temperatures and programmable alarms.
  • Audible alarms sound maximum and minimum programmable
  • Button audible alarm mute with automatic reconnection.
  • Inner system of forced ventilation for maintaining a uniform temperature in all sectors.
  • Fluorescent interior lighting.
  • External dimensions 0.71 x 0.90 x 1.90
  • Capacity: 130 liters for 100 bags, and 550 liters for 200 or 360 bags


  • MINI T: Thermograph 7 days with separate battery
  • R-4: wheels with brakes.
  • C-P: door lock.
  • AL-P: Door open alarm and power failure backup battery.