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Chairs and equipment for blood collection

DP-2065RC PLUS BLOOD BANK REFRIGERATED CENTRIFUGE CRIOHEMODERIVATE - This made simultaneously centrifuged packed cells, platelets, and cryo precipitate Factor VIII and Fibrinogen along with a routine blood alcohol chamber cooled to -75 °C

  • Refrigerated centrifuge for 6 (six) glasses of 1,000 ml. for the use of 6 bags of 500 ml. quadruple, triple, double, system TOP & BOTTON .
  • Program up to 50 alphanumeric programs with all the variables of time, speed, temperature, braking, acceleration, program name, Run command and detention
  • Security system with optical and sound alarms for imbalance and open lid.
  • Refrigeration with two compressors in cascade system.