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Chairs and equipment for blood collection

DCA-300 RVT-R REFRIGERATED LARGE CAPACITY CENTRIFUGE - The line centrifugal DCA-300RVT R is a computer with high-capacity refrigeration tube processing laboratories and blood banks with a temperature control and programmable processing engine and a maintenance-free.


  • Motor high performance centrifuge asynchronous brushless free maintenance.
  • Storage of up to 50 programs in memory programming: time, speed, braking, acceleration and braking curves and Acc
  • LCD 4 line by 20 character where indicated: scheduled time, time in operation, speed. acceleration, braking and acceleration ramps, RCF severity Indicator in real time.
  • Closure cap which does not allow the opening with the moving rotor.
  • Speed ??alarm, lid open and autochek team.
  • Keyboard soft touch type.
  • Stainless steel interior.
  • Electromagnetic lock lid.
  • Security system with optical and sound alarms for imbalance and improperly sealed lid that interrupts the run with automatic detention.
  • improperly sealed lid that interrupts the run with automatic detention.
  • Digital display of temperature.
  • Programming the temperature between 0 ° and 40 ° C.

CP-4300 Swim buckets Rotor TO:

  • R-20/5 Adapter for 20 tubes of 5 ml. capacity Total 80 tubes
  • R-12/15 Adapter for 12 tubes of 15 ml. capacity Total 48 tubes
  • R-2/50 adapter 2 tubes of 50 ml. capacity Total 8 tubes
  • R-1/250 Adapter for 1 tube 100 or 250 ml. capacity Total 4 tubes