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Chairs and equipment for blood collection










AE500-A AUTOMATIC EXTRACTION AGITATOR WITH SCALE - The AE-500A is a simple system that allows quick and safe the standardization of control of blood donations to PC data transfer and processing them in our exclusive software. 

  • Shaker scale extraction and digital programmable volume to weight.
  • Enables automation and standardization of donations.
  • Keyboard with command keys soft touch type.
  • Set the volume to be extracted.
  • LCD display with two rows , 16 characters each, showing donation time, donation flow (ml/s), volume collected and alarms.
  • Programmable volume to be extracted.
  • Bag and anticoagulant automatic lock.
  • Manual and automatic tubing obturation clamp.
  • Visual and audible alarms.
  • Control and alarm of high/low flow.
  • Control and alarm indicating lack of tubing.
  • Permanent agitation of the extracted unit.
  • Computer interphase connection through RS-232 port.
  • Storage up to 500 donations with all parameters includes.
  • Transporting handles on cabinet.
  • Automatic calibration system.
  • Autorecargable battery. 48 hs battery autonomy. Battery status indicator.